Content Management System (CMS) Overview

Benchmark Design offers some of the most powerful integrated web development and content management solutions available today. A web platform that lets your designers create the perfect designs in any program and uses them to automatically generate even the most complex web layouts in real-time without writing a line of code.

But you won’t just love us for our platform.  Benchmark Design does it all from hosting your site in our redundant, secure data center to site maintenance and support to best practices strategies. The works. And if you don’t have a designer, we’ll even do the web design…of course, using our own platform.

Benchmark Design's CMS solutions equips you with cutting-edge Web 2.0 framework. Our solutions are simple to use and put powerful tools at your fingertips that are easy to work with over time. Even large staffs can collaborate and work effectively using the arsenal of incredibly powerful tools that make creating, modifying, scheduling and removing content easy and intuitive:

  • Create new pages quickly and link to existing navigation
  • Change content with instantaneous on-page editing
  • Schedule content flows so web content is always fresh
  • Keep corporate look-and-feel consistent with work-flow approval
  • Add Web 2.0 content like podcasts and video content

The result? A website that’s dynamic and fresh. IT’S ALIVE. A website that delivers time- and cost-savings, maximum uptime and real competitive advantage.

Features Overview

Major Features

  • Web-based tool set
  • No FTP necessary
  • Syndicate content across multiple web properties
  • Scheduled Publication and Story Expiration
  • Image Management Support includes image resizing capability
  • Enhanced table creation/management
  • Template-based for productivity and control, separating content from web page structure
  • Real-Time Validated (RTV) Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) template generation
  • Customer-defined workflows support review/approval processes, email notification

Content Editing

  • Ability for non-technical end users to add, preview and update using a browser
  • Rich Text Editor provides WORD-like editing capabilities


  • Structure helps control a client- defined standard "look-and-feel" of website
  • Scheduled Publishing/Page Expiration feature improves site management and control
  • Ability to attach Metadata to a content object (e.g., date, author, email, phone, department, expiration/review date, intended audience, etc.)
  • Web-based Administrative Maintenance and Workflow Creation/Maintenance functions


  • Roles and Permission-based security model
  • Ability to set up Content Owners/Editors and restrict which pages or objects on a page they are authorized to update

Other Features

  • Admin Console enables content editors to add links and pages and control navigation
  • Supports 3rd party software product integration for personalization/customization
  • Extensible using developer and 3rd party add-ons and modules
  • Immediate deployment when content or templates change
  • Content can be reused or re-purposed across site
  • Ability to link to applications on other websites
  • Ability to publish to Internet, intranets, extranets, wireless devices and web staging areas
  • User manuals including tutorials
  • Outstanding customer support

Benchmark Design's CMS solutions provide a robust platform that allows companies to effectively and completely develop, manage and update their web properties quickly and fluidly. Using only a web browser, our solutions can leverage more that 20 modules to easily create and maintain dynamic web content within the framework and standards set by the enterprise.

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